Welcome to the Circle Double J Ranch

We’re located in Edgewood, Texas among a mixture of East Texas pines, old growth oaks and Coastal Bermuda pastures. Within our 350 acres, you’ll find a broad range of wildlife including whitetail deer, geese and ducks, trophy bass and of course, longhorns.

Originally developed as a whitetail breeding ranch that offered trophy opportunities to hunters who traveled here from across the country, we have changed the focus to longhorn breeding while continuing to develop the already strong genetics of the whitetail herd that roams the property.

As we expand our herd of longhorns, we are committed to building off a base of equally high quality genetics that combine color, conformation, disposition and of course, horn to develop a premier collection of sought after animals.

We’re small, but have a look around our site and let us know if you’d like to stop by for a visit and see the Circle Double J for yourself.