About Us

Patti and I grew up in a small town in upstate New York, but after college, jobs around the world, and 36 years of marriage, we’ve discovered that in the end, it’s all about family, friends and being at peace with everything and everyone around us.

We found our way to Texas in 1995 and while we have lived in other states after that, we’ve always kept a home in Texas as we’re attracted to the community orientation and values that we found here. Our family is now here and we will be too for as long as we have left on this earth.

We were originally struck by the sheer beauty of the Circle Double J and in many ways, the mixture of trees and pastures reminded us of where we are from. While we enjoy having the whitetails around the property, it was always a desire to have longhorns around as well…our piece of Texicana.

We now have both, and with the help and advice of good friends in the longhorn business, we look forward to learning from others, making new friends and developing as longhorn breeders.